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The best brand strategy is developed as

creative partnership between the client,

the strategist and the designer.

– Connie Birdsall

Creating a brand identity without a proper brand strategy is like starting a business without a business plan. Establishing a brand strategy helps you create a story that will make it easier for you to engage with your target audience and will give your brand a soul. It will also help you find your WHY and your WHO which are crucial aspects of your overall business.

Brand strategy defines positioning, differentiation, your unique sales proposition, and your competitive advantage. It not only helps to get your brand message across to the outside world but also enables your whole company to walk the same path, in one direction.

Successful brand strategies provide a unifying idea around which all communications and actions are built. Companies usually bring on experienced outside brand strategists to perform workshops to help them find clarity and articulate the main brand message. It helps them to understand what’s already there and who they really are.

Companies prosper because they have brand clarity and they fail because they don’t have one.

The role of a consultant in developing brand strategy is to facilitate the process: asking the right questions, providing relevant input and ideas, getting key issues to surface, and achieving resolution.

Erich Sippel
Alexander Danelia

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