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We Are Titans

Titans Design is a design consultancy that specialises in providing both strategic and visual brand clarity to clients.

We are based in Singapore but operate within a global network of creatives and designers, and serve clients worldwide. The core team is held purposefully small and consists of five members. Whenever necessary, however, we tap into our network of partners to bring in experts and professionals from various fields.

Solving problems for our clients and working with passionate and innovative individuals is what gets us excited. We are highly process oriented and believe in achieving proven results for our clients.

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Frequently asked questions

What design services do you offer?

Our focus lies on branding (brand strategy, brand identity design, logo design) and digital design (web design and development, user experience, user interface design, and app design). We also design supportive elements like marketing collaterals, packaging, event designs and social media content to name a few.

How much do your design services cost?

Our pricing varies depending on the scope and complexity of each project. We provide detailed project estimates upfront, so you’ll know exactly what to expect in terms of costs and timeline.

What is your turnaround time for design projects?

Turnaround time can vary depending on the scope and complexity of each project. However, we always strive to provide our clients with realistic timelines and keep them updated on our progress throughout the process.

Can you work with my existing brand guidelines?

Absolutely! We understand the importance of brand consistency and will work with you to ensure our design solutions align with your existing brand guidelines. We can also help develop brand guidelines if you don’t already have them in place.

How do you approach revisions?

Depending on the project we are working on with you, we include revision rounds for everything that we design in order to get to the most optimal design outcome. You, as the client, will of course be able to share your feedback with us during the design process and we will make revisions accordingly. There is a fixed amount of revision rounds included (usually 3) for each project which is usually more than enough to get to the final design.

What do I need to start a project with you?

Typically, a clear brief outlining your goals and requirements for the project is a great start. This brief should include information about the target audience, the intended use of the design, and any brand guidelines or design preferences. This should be enough to get the conversation started.

Are you a branding or design wizard?

We are always on the lookout for people with mad skills. If you are experienced in the field of branding, UIUX and visual communication, and want to explore opportunities with us then reach out!