Titans Design | Urban Remedy Brand Identity
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Urban Remedy Brand Identity

Several years ago Urban Remedy had a huge following on Facebook. The two lovely founders were looking to turn this user base into a business.

They approached us to help them create a brand of their own and an online platform that allowed their users to interact with one another, find valuable information on wellness, health, and local events, as well as benefit from discounts at their local partner businesses.


The logo consists of two different fonts that were customised in shape, dimension and layout. We were looking to have two contrasty elements in the logo that represent simplicity, and yet, are able to create a feeling of togetherness and unity. The logo is diverse and can be easily implemented in various ways, e.g. online, on print materials, on shirts, on large event banners, etc.


The colourful leaf pattern is a beautiful supportive element within the brand identity that can be used in different colour variations, and makes the brand more recognisable, interesting and attractive.



Branding, Print